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 Wireless Networks

The versatility of a competently installed wireless network can make a huge impact on productivity for your business, conversely however an inadequate or badly installed wireless system can have users screaming in frustation and administrators pulling their hair out.

Our fully trained engineers are experts in wireless and IP technology. Using our own specially developed systems and a deeper understanding of IP data, we can detect and remedy problems and plan for the best possible access point distribution.

Simply VoIP supply, install and configure wireless systems from Ruckus Wireless and Cisco Systems. After extensive testing with a range of different products, we've found these to offer the best performance and value.

We take care of every aspect of the job from cabling through to setup and optimisation. We make sure all our installations are both secure and provide the best performance they possibly given the environment they operate in.

If you already have a Cisco or Ruckus system and have issues, give us a call, our engineers have had long experience with these systems and can no doubt be of help!

Call us now for a free consultation, and to find out what wireless could do for your business!