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 Simply VoIP Web Filtering Proxy Servers

Are you concerned about inappropriate material being available to the users of at your business  or school?

Do you want to be able to filter that material based on your organizations requirements?

Rather than rely on a generic filter that may also stop you from accessing the information you need, Simply VoIP can put a dedicated server into your premesis, using sophisticated applications to provide a fast and reliable proxy / filter service.

These are some of the benefits of having such a server on site:

Speed – Being connected to the local network rather than a data centre on another country means that access through our server will be in instentanious.

Bandwidth Manegment – By using a Simply VoIP proxy you are avoiding the need to download duplicate data from the internet. If a site has already been visited by one user it will be stored on the server for the next, rather than being downloaded again.

Its yours! – Because the proxy will be yours, its function is entirely dedicated to your needs and not a one size fits all philosophy. You can block all sites except the ones you want to use, you can block all pre configured inappropriate sites, you can filter by key words. Or any combination of the above. We can create the exact configuration you need.

Easy to Use – Our proxy / filter servers have a easy to use graphic interface for you to further customise your service after the initial consultation and installation is complete. You will be in complete command of internet access to your organisation.

Please contact us for more information.