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Network and Application Performance Analysis


Poorly performing applications slow down and frustrate your workforce and delay your customers. Simply put, a poorly performing system can dent your bottom line.


Distributed systems are commonplace, particularly with the take-up of cloud-based services, but performance issues in these scenarios can be difficult to troubleshoot. Consider a standard web application. A web transaction may consist of one conversation between the users PC and a web server but is more likely to consist of several additional background conversations; typically between the web server and downstream authentication, database and name resolution systems. When a single user transaction involves this many server tiers, potentially in different locations, where on Earth do you start to troubleshoot persistent performance issues?


The answer's actually quite simple. Leave it to us!


Simply VoIP are experts in network and IP packet analysis. Based on concurrent IP packet captures at each tier we can reliably identify the component or conversation introducing the bottleneck in your application.


In many cases we can resolve the problem too. This could mean relocation of a tier, the deployment or engineering of a network quality of service policy or fine-tuning server network parameters like the “TCP window size”. In some cases more advanced latency mitigation technologies like WAN accelerators might be considered. Often, merely narrowing down the problem is enough to provide focus to the efforts of internal or vendor support engineers to resolve the issue.


If you are suffering from persistently poor performance, especially if you're thinking of throwing money at the problem – no, upgrading the bandwidth again is quite probably not the answer! - Get in touch with us. We could save you a bundle.

Performance Analysis