'Smart Telephone Systems for Schools'

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Simply VoIP has been providing support for schools for over 10 years so we have an intimate knowledge of what is required in an education environment. In that time we have seen enormous change. Some Primary schools which previously had only a few PC’s with no network infrastructure at all, now have 150+ PC’s and laptops, multiple servers, wireless networks and interactive whiteboards in each classroom. With this level of complexity schools need a competent and reliable support solution. We can help!

At Simply VoIP we have the expertise to provide you a more complete service. We can help with almost any aspect of your ICT systems. Our experience covers both curriculum and admin systems, almost all hardware and just about any operating system or software title. For that reason we can comfortably meet all of the common requirements of a modern school.

Our education customers use us as a resource for every aspect of running ICT in school, from advice to implementation and we can do the same for you!

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Maintenance Agreements

Let us take the strain out of running and maintaining your ICT Systems. With a choice of contracts for different needs we can make running a complicated school network as easy as possible. A fixed monthly fee means no payment up front and one months notice to cancel means that if you’re not completely happy you’re not tied to us.

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Admin and curriculum Integration

Where a school has a separate admin and curriculum network we can provide secure intercommunication via a layer 3 switch and 'trusts' between domains. Many of our schools have found this invaluable for granting their admin staff access to the curriculum resources, printers or email servers. And allows the teachers to run admin applications like Capita's Sims for class based registration and reporting.

Server Migration

Where the school has the need to replace an aging server, we have the expertise and experience to do it for them, including migrating any 3rd party applications like Sims of FMS.

School Amalgamation or Federation and Academies

Perhaps you are amalgamating in to a primary school, federating with other schools or becoming an academy. This can involve a wide variety of specialist network skills, including WAN implimentation, telephony, network segmentation or amalgamation, database migration and remote access work. The list goes on! We have the experience to carry this work out for you and most importantly to manage the transitions so it all goes smoothly and to plan!


We provide bespoke IP telephony solutions to our education customers. Our systems allow you to:

  • Save money
  • Install a phone in each classroom without extra cabling
  • Integrate a tannoy and bell system into the phones and whiteboard computers
  • Integrate an emergency assistance functionality into classrooms
  • Voicemail to email for all staff
  • Support for wireless devices like Ipads or smart phones as telephone clients
  • Determine who can and cannot make external calls
  • Easily add new phones and users to the system via intuitive and simply to use interface.

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Utilizing wireless systems from Ruckus or Cisco, we can make your school ready for fast and secure roaming network access, or staff, students and guests.

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We will install and setup any new hardware you choose to buy, from any source. From a brand new suite & servers to a simple printer, we can do it all. If its broken we can fix it and if needs upgrading we can do that too! We can also supply a range of Dell servers to your specification at superb savings. Our relationship with the larger education suppliers like Misco, will insure you get the best price on laptops, computers and licensing. 

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